Modern turf has been designed to be used in many applications.
At Marvelmat, we offer a wide range of turf flooring options, so let’s break them down to see what products are best for what applications.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial  grass designed for pets has a shorter pile that is easier on dog and cat paws. Our pet-friendly turf flooring is resistant to staining from pee and scat and can be easily cleaned with the use of a scooper and hose. Pet artificial grass is great in backyards, doggy daycares and much more.

Landscape Artificial Grass

Ouch! Man, I got another bug bite! With our artificial grass, bug bites will be a thing of the past. The number one feature of fake grass it that it does not attract bugs! Artificial grass designed for landscaping features a longer fiber that resembles the look and feel of natural grass. These turf rolls come in various types of grasses, and some even contain the brown thatch commonly found in grasses found around the country. These fake grass rolls are very easy to maintain with the use of a hose.

Artificial Grass for Gyms

Our artificial grass designed for gyms features a short pile that allows for sleds to be dragged across the flooring surface. These fake grass rolls are very durable and are better able to withstand the daily abuse that occurs in commercial gyms. These turf rolls are very easy to maintain with the use of a broom or hose.

Putting Green Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for putting greens is constructed with a dense short pile that allows a golf ball to roll true. No bad lies on this putting green! These fake grass rolls are great in all weather and require little to no maintenance. With the use of a blower or hose, you can keep your new putting green looking great year round.

Playground Artificial Grass

Playground artificial grass features a higher pile of grass that can withstand a higher level of traffic than what is found in typical backyards. To truly make our artificial turf playground safe, you will want to add a foam pad underneath the turf. Our foam padding comes in three different thicknesses: ¾”, 1-⅛” and 2-⅛”. For playground installations, you will want to use the 1-⅛” and 2-⅛” thick pads. These pads are fall height rated, which means that they will protect you from serious injury if you were to fall from a certain. Our playground artificial grass rolls are easy to clean and maintain with the use of a blower and hose.

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Artificial Grass Accessories

​We offer a wide range of installation accessories for our artificial grass. From weed fabric to staples, we have all the tools needed to make your turf install in a breeze.

  • Weed fabric: is essential to keep natural grass and weeds from growing through your turf flooring. This is one of the first materials you will want to install before your turf is laid.
  • Fill: We offer two types of fill: Silica and Durafill. Fill helps to hold your turf down and keeps the blades of grass standing up for a natural look.
  • Staples and Nails: So you need to hold your turf down, but you don’t know if you need nails or staples. Well for most installations, both would be needed. Nails are used to hold the edges of the turf down, whereas staples hold the turf seams together. So no more mystery with that!
  • Seam Tape and Adhesive: Our turf seam tape is an alternative to using staples. You apply glue to the tape and then stick the turf over it. Easy Peasy!
  • Wonder edge: is a simple to use edging tool that makes your new lawn look perfect. Use these around the edges of your turf, so you tuck your turf under it.
  • Polyboard: Our poly board is a lawn edging that is a perfect alternative to natural wood edging. Since this edging is made from recycled plastic, it is resistant to weather and insects and is eco-friendly.
  • Lawn pads: are foam pads that can be placed under our turf adding comfort underfoot. These pads not only add comfort, but they are fall height rated, making them great under turf used as playground flooring.